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Electric Motors: Repair or Replace? sales/marketing PowerPoint tool

Publication date: 
October 2016
Type of media: 
PowerPoint files

This PowerPoint presentation is available for members to use to present the factors that should be considered when customers are faced with making the difficult decision to repair their existing motor or purchase a replacement.

The presentation is designed to help service center sales and marketing personnel answer these difficult questions for their customers:

  • Is it better to repair or replace an electric motor that has failed?
  • Will a repaired motor retain its efficiency?

Members are welcome to customize the presentation with their company logo, contact information and anything else that might help better inform their customers.

With this presentation, you will be able to discuss the complete repair/replace decision-making process from reviewing the application demands, failure assessment, factoring in efficiency, and motor repair/rewinding good practices.

The presentation also is helpful in explaining the value of working with an EASA accredited member (if you are accredited). If you’re not an EASA accredited member, you may remove this portion of the presentation.

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DC motors
Repair procedures and tips
Troubleshooting & failure analysis