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Motor Rewind Data - Ver. 4

Publication date: 
May 2016
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This valuable resource is available only to EASA Members.

This version of the EASA Motor Rewind Database software takes a large leap forward with the data that it provides members. Most notably, it now has the ability to connect to a live, ever-expanding online database of more than 250,000 windings. This live database will be continuously monitored, updated and corrected as needed by EASA’s Technical Support Staff. Using the online database guarantees you’ll have the most up-to-date information available at all times. If your computer does not have an Internet connection, the software will automatically switch to the static, local database that was included and loaded during installation. (Note: The local database does not receive updates.)

The database includes:

  • Three-phase, single-speed AC motors
  • Three-phase, multi-speed AC motors
  • Single-phase AC motors
  • DC motors & generators


Installation is easy and straightforward using the installation wizard. Once up and running, go to HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES to make sure your using the latest version of the software. There's no need to do this to access new winding data. If you're using the online database, you'll automatically have access to the most recent information.

If you opt to upgrade to EASA's AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4 software, you'll find that EASA's Motor Rewind Data is available to you without even leaving the program. And if you choose, you can quickly and easily add your own redesigns to EASA's online database for other members to use (submitted information must first be verified by EASA Technical Support before being released).

EASA's Motor Rewind Data is an excellent reason for being a member of the association!
The first copy of this software is FREE to Active and Allied members!

(Note: The Motor Winding Database is included in EASA's AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4. Members that received the free upgrade will not be shipped the standalone database.)

AC motors
Winding connections
DC motors
Service center equipment