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Archive of EASA training films

1. Taking Winding Data From A Three-Phase Induction Motor

Teaches how to determine type of connection, number of parallel circuits, turns per coil, wire size, span and groups. Shows step-by-step way to properly record all information.

Recording length: 28 minutes

2. Disassembly Of A Three-Phase Induction Motor

Shows step-by-step disassembly of a TEFC motor with the proper tools to use, how to mark parts for proper reassembly, how to remove ball bearings from shaft. Details things not to do. Does not include stripping.

Recording length: 22 minutes

3. Machine Winding Three-Phase Random Wound Coils

Teaches procedures for winding diamond and round-nosed coils. Includes determining coil dimensions from a bare core and winding multiple groups at one time.

Recording length: 18 minutes

4. Winding A Three-Phase Stator

Teaches step-by-step proper insertion of three-phase winding. What tools and insulation to use, including proper positioning of center sticks, wedges, phase insulation and fillers. Points out improper methods of winding.

Recording length: 26 minutes

5. Assembly Of A Three-Phase Induction Motor

Step-by-step method of assembling the motor. Describes the tools used and those not used. Shows how to align parts as marked in disassembly. Includes installation of ball bearings to the shaft.

Recording length: 21 minutes

6. Film not produced as part of this series

7. Manufacturing Form Coils

Shows how to determine loop dimensions, winding the loop, insulating it and spreading the coils, along with determining the dimensions of the spread coil.

Part 1: Loop Winding and Coil Forming
Recording length: 16 minutes

Part 2: Insulating Form Coils
Recording length: 12 minutes

8. Winding Stators With Formed Coils

Describes the procedures for inserting a formed coil into a stator. Shows proper tools and various wedging methods. Includes connecting the coils and insulating the connections.

Recording length: 21 minutes

9. Taking Data From A Single-Phase Stator

Shows step-by-step procedure for properly determining and recording the type of connection, number of parallel circuits, turns per coil, wire size, span and groups, and how to distinguish between running and starting windings.

Recording length: 16 minutes

10. Disassembly Of A Single-Phase Capacitor Motor

Step-by-step disassembly of a capacitor motor, both ball bearing and sleeve bearing. Includes bearing removal (both types), plus operation and replacement of various types of  starting switches and governors. Stripping not included.

Recording length: 13 minutes

11. Winding Single-Phase Concentric Coils

Shows method of winding concentric coils, which includes determining the coil width for the various size coils within each group, how to set the concentric winding head and select the proper grooves for winding the coils. Also shows how to wind coils using the Holden Head.

Recording length: 16 minutes

12. Winding A Single-Phase Stator

Shows proper procedures for inserting concentric coils into a single-phase stator. Shows tools and insulations and points out relationship between running and starting winding coils.

Recording length: 18 minutes

13. Assembly Of A Single-Phase Capacitor Motor

Step-by-step assembly of a capacitor motor, including installation of both ball and sleeve bearings. Shows tools needed and how to align parts marked during disassembly.

Recording length: 14 minutes

14. Taking Data From A Hand-Wound DC Armature

Describes the correct procedure for taking data from hand-wound DC armatures. Shows how to record the data on typical DC data sheets, and explains the terminology used describing DC data. Points out differences between lap and wave windings.

Recording length: 17 minutes

15. Hand-Winding A DC Armature

Provides step-by-step instructions on winding a DC armature, including how to install end fibres and slot liners, how to wind and shape the armature coils and how to make the commutator connections.

Recording length: 21 minutes

16. Disassembly Of A DC Machine

Shows step-by-step disassembly of a DC motor and the tools to use. Demonstrates how to mark parts, and how to label and record connections for use in assembly. Also explains how to check for shorts or opens in field and armature windings, how to test run the motor, and how to inspect parts for damage and wear.

Recording length: 20 minutes

17. Assembling A DC Machine

Step-by-step procedure for assembling a DC motor. Includes field coil insertion, connection and polarity checks. Also shows how to install bearings, how to seat brushes and set the neutral position, how to check windings with a megohmmeter, and how to make connections.

Recording length: 18 minutes

18. Random-Winding DC Field Coils

Illustrates procedures for manufacturing random-wound interpole and main field coils for DC machines. Covers everything from removing old coils and taking data to installing and connecting new coils, including how to construct winding forms and jigs, how to shape coils to conform with the curvature of the field frame and how to insulate field coils. Both “wet” and “dry” winding techniques are illustrated.

Recording length: 19 minutes

19. Layer-Winding DC Field Coils

Covers all necessary steps for layer-winding DC field coils, how to layer-wind a shunt field coil, how to reinsulate an interpole field coil, and how to install large field coils in the frame.

Recording length: 20 minutes

20. Testing Three-Phase AC Motors Rated 600 Volts Or Less

Outlines the basic steps and procedures commonly used for testing three-phase, AC motors rated 600 volts or less, including preliminary insulation resistance, continuity and no-load tests, as well as the single-phase test for rotors. Also explains how to test components once the motor has been disassembled; these procedures include surge-comparison, polarization index, growler and DC high-potential tests, as well as the “loop” test for stator cores. Additionally, examines performance of final insulation resistance, noload, vibration and dynamometer tests of repaired or rewound motors.

Recording length: 24 minutes

21. Testing DC Machines

Part 1 deals with “Initial Inspection & Preliminary Testing”; Part 2 concentrates on “Used Armature Windings”; and Part 3 covers “Cores, Commutators & Rewound Armatures.” Parts 4 and 5 explain how to test “Field Windings” and how to perform “Final Tests.”

Part 1: Initial Inspection and Preliminary Testing
Recording length: 17 minutes

Part 2: Used Armature Windings
Recording Length: 18 minutes

Part 3: Core, Commutators & Rewound Armatures
Recording length: 12 minutes

Part 4: Field Windings
Recording length: 15 minutes

Part 5: Final Testing
Recording length: 17 minutes