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Magnetic Wedges

Publication date: 
February 2019
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
Type of media: 
Webinar recording
Recording duration: 
58 Minutes

An increasing number of manufacturers are using magnetic wedges in their form-wound machines. When a winder fails to replace magnetic wedges in kind, the winding temperature rise can increase by 20°C, and the magnetizing current can increase by 20% or more. This webinar explains why they are used, provides a balanced review of the benefits and negative issues associated with their use, and explains how to avoid the problems.

  • Why some manufacturers use magnetic wedges 
  • Benefits of magnetic wedges
  • Downside of magnetic wedges
  • Fitting and installation to prevent them from falling out in service 

Target audience: This webinar benefits service center technicians and supervisors. 

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