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An Overview of Vibration Tolerances

Publication date: 
August 2019
Gene Vogel, EASA Pump and Vibration Specialist
Type of media: 
Webinar recording
Recording duration: 
60 Minutes

When it comes to machine vibration, “how much is too much” depends on a number of factors. Knowing which standard and/or tolerance applies requires a working knowledge of the standards and some basics of vibration terminology. This webinar will provide an overview of where and how NEMA, IEC, ISO and Hydraulic Institute standards may apply to machines commonly encountered in EASA service centers.

  • NEMA, IEC, ISO and Hydraulic Institute standards
  • Basic vibration terminology
  • What standard applies?

Target audience: 
Service center managers, engineers, in-shop and field service technicians can benefit from a clearer understanding of vibration standards and terminology.