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Root Cause Failure Analysis Methodology

Publication date: 
August 2012
Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist
Type of media: 
Webinar recording
Recording duration: 
57 minutes

Root cause methodology is a step-by-step method for examining a failed motor and its system. It focuses on the stresses that acted upon the failed component. By better understanding these stresses, the service center is more likely to uncover the root cause of the failure. This presentation examines the five key steps of root cause methodology:

  • Failure mode
  • Failure pattern
  • Appearance
  • Application maintenance history

The presentation also discusses the “5 Whys?”, summarize motor stresses, and emphasize the importance of total system analysis (not just the motor).

Who should watch?
This presentation is most useful to service center and field technicians, service center managers, engineers, and end user maintenance personnel desiring to understand the techniques for determining root cause of failures.

Troubleshooting & failure analysis