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EASA's Governing Policies - Dues and Collections

Dues and Collections 


Resolved, that beginning 4/1/2018, annual dues for EASA members shall be as follows:

All Active members:

No. of Employees Rate
1 to 10 $733
11 to 25 $1,149
26 to 50 $1,625
51 to 75 $2.085
76 to 100 $2,289
101 and over $2,545

An entrance fee of $75.00 must be paid by each applicant accepted to Active membership.

Beginning 4/1/2018, annual dues for EASA Associate, Privileged and Allied members shall be as follows:

Associate members:

No entrance fee.

Sales Volume (U.S. $) Rate
Less than $2M $1,555
$2 - $4.99M $1,665
$5 - $9.99M $1,915
$10 - $19.99M $2,559
$20 - $49.99M $3,219
$50M and over $3,879

Privileged: $92 per membership year or any part thereof. No entrance fee.

Allied: $1,879 per membership year. No entrance fee.

All new members joining the Association between July 1 and December 31 shall pay one-half of a year’s dues. The membership year shall remain April 1 through March 31 in all instances. Each member will receive one website listing free of charge which will include the member company and official representative’s name. There will be a $29.00 charge for each additional individual name. No branch, subsidiary, or division of an Active member may have a separate listing unless it holds a separate membership. Associate members may list branch or other business locations with one individual’s name at a charge of $89.00 per location with a charge of $29.00 for each additional individual’s name.

(Revised June 2017)


Resolved, no refunds shall be made by EASA for overpayment for goods, services, or dues unless the amount is $5 or more, unless a specific request is made for the refund within 30 days.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that the structure and amount of the annual dues for EASA members shall be reviewed every five (5) years by a committee that will establish a proposed five (5) year dues structure that will be presented to the Board for review and approval at the end of the previous five (5) year dues plan.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)