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EASA's Governing Policies - Officers & Directors

 Officers and Directors


Resolved, that Regional Directors will be reimbursed for the reasonable transportation, lodging and meal expenses of attending meetings of any Chapter, District, or combination of Chapters or Districts within their Region.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, the following procedure will be used for the election of Regional Directors:

(a) The Association Chairman shall appoint a nominating committee chaired by the Director whose final term is expiring consisting of the President of all the Chapters within a Region. The committee, including the chair, shall consist of at least three (3) Active members. When a Director is eligible for reelection, the Director shall not serve on the nominating committee. When necessary, to bring the nominating committee to three (3) members, the Association Chairman shall appoint additional Active members to the committee as required. 

(b) It shall be the duty of the committee to nominate two (2) or more candidates from within the region who are willing and able to accept the responsibilities of a full term as Regional Director, and to obtain the personal acceptance of the nominees to serve.

(c) Each nominee shall be a full-time employee of an Active member firm and also a current or past Chapter President, a current or past member of an EASA International committee or other dedicated EASAn.

(d) At least one nominee must be qualified as a current or past Chapter President. However, if none is found willing and able to serve as a nominee, then the committee may nominate individuals otherwise qualified so as to have at least two names on the ballot.

(e) A Regional Director who has served only his first full term shall automatically be one of the nominees for election, unless he specifically requests not to run.

(f) The committee shall send a written report of the nominations to the President and CEO within four (4) weeks of the committee’s appointment.

(g) A brief biography (200 words or less) of each candidate shall be sent with the ballot together with a campaign statement (200 words or less) from each candidate, and a personal photograph, if desired by the candidate. 

(h) In the event a majority is not obtained on the first ballot, there will be a runoff election between the two members receiving the highest number of votes in the Region.

(i) The person in the final balloting receiving the second greatest number of votes will be considered the elected alternate of that Region, so long as that person remains the official representative of an Active member firm within that Region. If a new director has been elected, the director-elect will be considered the alternate of the Region until taking office at the beginning of the Administrative year.                                      

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that if a Regional Director’s or International Officer’s employing company undergoes a change of ownership during his or her term, it meets the qualification of the “same member firm” referenced in Bylaw Article VI, Section 4, and Article IX, Section 9.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


(a) Resolved, that under the general supervision of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and Officers, the President and CEO shall have the full authority and responsibility for managing the Headquarters. The President and CEO shall employ and discharge Headquarters personnel within budget limitations established by the Board of Directors, as he/she deems necessary; however, no multi-year contracts may be entered into without the prior approval of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, and shall be prepared to report at each Board meeting the number of employees at Headquarters and their duties, and reasons for any staff additions or deletions. The President and CEO may expend funds which have been budgeted by the Association and may reallocate budgeted expense amounts within all account categories except personnel salaries and benefits.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)

(b) Resolved, that the President and CEO shall be prepared to report to the Remuneration Committee, at each meeting of that committee, the number of employees employed by EASA, their duties, salaries, other compensations and benefits and the reasons for any staff additions or deletions.

  (Reaffirmed June 2017)

(c) Resolved, that the convention city shall be selected by the Board of Directors. The President and CEO shall have full authority and responsibility for planning and conducting the annual convention.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that a copy of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors be sent to all Past Chairmen requesting such.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that the Executive Committee shall not authorize any non-budgeted expenditure in excess of $50,000 per item, not to exceed $100,000 per year.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)