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Benefits of becoming an EASA Accredited Service Center

  • Affirms your service center's commitment to excellence
  • Safeguards the professional reputation of your company and industry
  • Adheres to best practices and proves it by submitting to independent third-party auditors
  • Ensures consistent procedures and processes resulting in quality motor repair
  • Helps service centers of any size validate the quality of their repair work to customers and prospective customers
  • Gives customers a way to find companies that consistently use industry best practices
  • Demonstrates to industry, energy advocates and regulatory agencies that your firm is dedicated to repairs that maintain efficiency and reliability
  • Keeps the customers you have and helps win new ones
  • Gives your firm a positive image and helps you retain employees
  • Provides another tool for evaluating employees, because it ensures that they perform procedures according to industry best practices
  • Enhances productivity and reduces repetitive repairs and decreases costs
  • Use of Accreditation logo on your print, web and collateral material helps your company stand out to customers
  • Recognition on EASA's website as an accredited firm
  • Ability to use Accreditation labels on repaired motors
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