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Renewing your Service Center's Accreditation

The EASA Accreditation Program runs in a three-year cycle made up of a third-party audit, followed by two internal self-audits that are submitted to your auditor for approval. To maintain accreditation, the service center must successfully perform these audits.

At the end of the third year, the cycle begins again with the payment of the non-refundable EASA renewal fee ($300 for EASA members, $1500 for non-members) and the successful completion of a third-party (on-site or remote*) audit.

Step 1
Pay the Accreditation Program renewal fee ($300 for EASA members, $1500 for non-members) and get a receipt. You may pay the renewal fee online or by contacting EASA Member Services at +1 314 993 2220.


Step 2
Contact your auditor and provide them with the renewal receipt.

Step 3
Schedule your next audit* with your auditor.

*The policy requiring on-site audits was changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the discretion of the auditor, renewal audits can be on-site or remote. The guidance document for auditors is 2020 EASA Accreditation Remote Audits Guidance_2020-06.

EASA Accreditation Program timeline

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