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EASA Seminars

Click to see more details about EASA's SeminarsSign up today to learn from EASA's knowledgable technical support staff. There is no replacement for the interaction that face-to-face contact can provide. Excellent printed materials, along with world-class instructors, makes these two-day programs an invaluable training tool to expand the knowledge of your service center staff.

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EASA Webinars

EASA webinars provide an incredibly economical way for service centers to train a large number of people for very little money. Sign up for a live event or purchase a recording.

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Private webinars available for your chapter/region or company

16-part webinar series adds valuable resource to EASA Safety Module Program

How to Wind Three-Phase Stators

This valuable CD-ROM-based interactive training tool is ideal for training your novice(s). Even experienced winders will learn from it. The CD teaches how to wind in a richly detailed, step-by-step approach. It includes narrative, animations and video clips, with tests to assess student comprehension. The training, which is divided into 13 lessons, covers data taking, core testing, coil cutoff, burnout, stripping, core preparation, coil making, stator insulation, coil insertion, internal connections, lacing and bracing, inspection and test of untreated and treated windings, and winding treatment. Features include "Pro Tips" and "Drill Downs" that enhance the learning experience and assure that even the most experienced technician will learn from this product.

Convention presentations

EASA's annual conventions provide some of the best education to be found in the electric motor repair industry. Each year, leading presenters cover a wide range of topics: technical, sales, marketing and management. Some of the recorded presentations can be found, free of charge, in EASA's Resource Library. Or purchase copies of EASA's Select Presentations of CD-ROMs packed with technical papers, session handouts and audio recordings (2012 and 2013 only).

Training Films archive

Access a wide variety of subjects in EASA's Training films archive. Free for EASA members.