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What's new in the EASA Technical Manual?

Tom Bishop, P.E.
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Technical Services Committee Chair

The Technical Services Committee continually reviews the contents of the EASA Technical Manual in order to identify material that needs to be revised, added or deleted to keep the publication current. Revision of Sections 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, which was completed recently and published on the EASA website, includes hundreds of changes–some very minor and some quite extensive. Without attempting to cover everything, here’s a brief summary of what has changed.

Section 2: AC Machines

Some significant additions to Section 2 (AC Machines) include flange dimensions for IEC frame motors, IE3 and IE4 efficiency levels, and a new article on sizing space heaters. The article on secondary resistor selection for wound-rotor motors was also expanded with the addition of a simpler method of resistor selection provided by a resistor manufacturer. A new article titled "Rewinding tips for 5 kV and above" was added to complement the revised article "Rewinding form-wound motors and generators up to 5 kV.” The most significant addition in Section 3 is a 13-page article on DC machine design and theory.

Section 7: Electrical Testing

Extensive changes were made to Section 7 (Electrical Testing). For example, former Section 7.2 (Testing Insulation Systems of Rotating Machinery) became Section 7.1 and was expanded from 3 pages to 10. The former Section 7.1 (High-Potential Tests) was divided into Sections 7.2 (High-Potential Tests Using AC) and 7.3 (High-Potential Tests Using DC). The former Section 7.3 (Stator Core Testing) became Section 7.4 and was expanded from 6 pages to 10.

The most significant and comprehensive changes in Section 7 include the addition of text and topics related to insulation testing in Section 7.1. Among the new topics are partial discharge test, dielectric response analysis test, recurrent surge oscillography (RSO) test, and current signature analysis (CSA). Similarly, Section 7.4 on core testing was expanded to include new topics such as the Franklin test and the electromagnetic core imperfection detector (EL CID) low energy test. If any of these tests are not familiar to you, check out their descriptions in the revised Technical Manual.

Sections 8 - 12

Significant changes in Sections 8-12 include replacing the article on lubrication in Section 9 with a more comprehensive discussion of lubrication, compatibility, and lubrication intervals. Additions to Section 10 include information about balancing rigid, flexible and plastic mode rotors, as well as causes and correction of thermal bows in rotors. A table of metric bolt information was also added to Section 10.

Members: Download your free copy

Members are encouraged to download and scan through the updated sections of the Technical Manual  to become more familiar with the contents. If you aren’t familiar with any of the topics, it's worth your time to read and learn about them. You can download the entire Technical Manual or individual sections by logging in as a member and going to the EASA Technical Manual within the Resource Library.