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Tips for safe and effective shaft removal

Publication date: 
April 2009
Jasper Fisher, EASA Past Chairman (1999-2000)
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Save time, effort with these proven procedures and suggestions Like most maintenance and repair tasks, a successful outcome is generally predicated on good planning and preparation. The first steps in the process are often the most critical. When preparing to remove a shaft from an armature or rotor core, first measure and record the location dimensions of all shaft-mounted components. This includes materials such as bearing spacer collars, flingers, and removable cooling fans and the shaft-to-core location dimensions. A common reference measurement is from the outer edge of the lamination stack to a bearing journal shoulder and/or the shaft extension end. These location measurements should be made to 1/32" +/- 1/64" (0.8 mm +/- 0.4 mm)(or better) and be permanently recorded in the job record.

Repair procedures and tips