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Surge testing of DC motor and generator armatures

Publication date: 
July 2007
Cyndi Nyberg Esau, Former EASA Technical Support Specialist
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In the April 2007 issue of CURRENTS, we covered surge testing anomalies, specifically for AC windings. The surge test can be used for DC windings as well. It can be a useful tool for evaluating armatures and some DC fields. A note of caution: If a winding does not have a minimum insulation resistance per ANSI/EASA AR100-2006, it is not safe to apply an overpotential test (surge or high potential). Surge testing shunt fields may not provide meaningful results if the surge pulse decays too quickly - if it dissipates through only the first few hundred turns. To obtain a test voltage high enough to test every turn would require too high a voltage. That high voltage would overstress the groundwall insulation.

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