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Simple tests to assure proper DC motor performance

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May 2004
Tom Bishop, P.E., EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
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There are many tests that can be performed on a DC motor to verify the integrity of windings, correct coil polarities and proper running performance. What we will address in this article are a select few simple tests that can help assure a motor operates properly when the customer applies it. Our intent is not to oversimplify and suggest that performing these tests alone is all that is required for an effective repair. Rather, the intent is to highlight some tests that give a maximum return for the time invested in testing. The tests we will cover are drop testing fields, checking interpole polarity, checking compound field polarity, brushholder spacing, setting neutral and two-way run testing. All of these tests can usually be performed with the motor assembled,although in some cases the endbracket on the commutator end may need to be removed to access the field lead connections.

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