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Economic challenges spark new division + successful ideas for inside sales

Publication date: 
October 2009
Kevin Krupp, York Repair, Inc.
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Like many EASA frms, York Repair, Inc. has been heavily impacted by the recession. Our location in Mid-Michigan, with a heavy automotive manufacturing customer base, has created additional challenges. However, we've found that with each challenge comes the potential for opportunity.

To meet the current challenge, we decided to re-allocate some of our staff to a new venture called RepairZone, a division that specializes in industrial electronics and servo motor sales through exchange, repair, or purchase. RepairZone is primarily a Web-based division, accessible at; one of our main goals is to drive traffc to the site.

With this new division came a new approach for the sales department. In the past, most of our sales came by conventional methods of establishing personal relationships with customers through face-to-face contacts. We would then earn business through high-quality repair, customer service, competitive pricing and an excellent market reputation. Our new Web concept made it evident very quickly that our traditional methods needed an overhaul.