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Procedure helps remove uncertainty from drying time for windings

Publication date: 
August 1999
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
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We've all faced those rush jobs, where a customer is desperate to get his motor back faster than humanly possible. It is our nature to try to do the impossible - that's why we are in this business. We enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to help people. Turning a motor around quickly, when a customer is in need, is rewarding. One of the most time-consuming steps - drying the windings after they have been cleaned - can be frustratingly slow when an anxious customer is calling. How long does that motor need to bake to be safe? Here is a procedure for those emergency repairs, to take the uncertainty out of the bake cycle. This procedure will help in determining how long a bake cycle is really necessary. This saves time and energy - both of which cost money.