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Rewind tips for 2300-volt, random-wound motors

Publication date: 
October 2001
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
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When rewinding a motor, the service center is restricted by the original design. Sometimes, we encounter a motor design we wish had never been developed. Many winders would agree that the random- wound, 2300-volt motor design falls into that category. Most service centers would prefer to see medium voltage (2300-4160 volt) machines built exclusively using form coils. The form coil winding assures uniform volts/turn stresses, and reliably seals the windings against hostile environments. From the manufacturer's perspective, a random-wound, 2300-volt motor represents a substantial reduction in manufacturing cost. And competitive pricing is important if they want to sell motors. The great challenge to the service center is in successfully rewinding this design while maintaining profit.

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