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Special insulation helps create larger oven when motor is too big to fit

Publication date: 
April 2000
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
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We are cleaning a motor that is too large for our bake oven. In the past, we have placed the motor in front of the oven with the doors open, and draped a tarp over the frame to trap the heat.Is there a better way to dry it out? Most readers in our industry have used variations on that method to dry the windings of a motor that simply won't fit in the bake oven. There is a better way. Use Energy Shield - the insulation home builders install between the exterior frame and siding or brick. It is a stock item in most lumber yards and construction-supply superstores. Energy Shield is basically just a hard foam material with a layer of aluminum foil on both sides. The insulating value (R-29) is phenomenal, so it is ideal for building a temporary oven. Use Energy Shield to box the motor, including the top. Seal the joints with aluminum duct-tape. The motor may be placed in front of the shop oven, or an alternate heat source may be used to force air through the temporary oven.

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