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EASA Marketing Manual

Publication date: 
June 2001
Type of media: 

EASA's Marketing Manual is a comprehensive 131-page guide that teaches a variety of marketing methods and explains how to use them in the local marketplace. This document contains background information on external factors in the marketplace and major observable trends in the business world, including consolidation of the customer/supplier base; e-commerce and chain supply management.

The material is presented in two sections:

  • Section I: The Marketing Plan—This worksheet matrix is short and simple, but quite comprehensive in scope. It is a classic marketing planner used by companies in many industries to identify problems and opportunities for business growth.
  • Section II: The “How To”Section—Here, we cover in “how to” language the various marketing tools that will help fulfill the business growth strategies set out in Section I. It includes public relations (including newsletters,trade shows and publicity), direct marketing, and sales literature.