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AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4

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May 2016
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EASA's AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4 software has been further refined and now contains and is fully integrated with EASA's Motor Rewind Database. This makes it the perfect program to lookup motor data, to verify existing winding data, and to perform motor winding redesigns.

This valuable resource is available only to EASA Members.

The AC Motor Verification and Redesign software provides easy verification of either concentric or lap windings, as well as redesigns with changes in poles/speed, horsepower, frequency or voltage. The redesign report with original and new winding data is output as an Adobe Reader (PDF) file and can be printed or saved. The program also allows you to search EASA’s extensive motor winding database. Choose to use the included database containing more than 250,000 windings or connect to the live, ever-expanding online database. Once found, motors from the database can be automatically imported as a starting point for further redesign.

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Key software features include:

  • Improved redesign accuracy and database search options.
  • Includes the EASA Motor Rewind Database with more than 250,000 reported AC and DC windings. Use static built-in rewind database, or choose to use the constantly-updated, online database.
  • Allows multiple simultaneous input cases for comparison of different motors.
  • Users can opt to exclude half-wire sizes from automatic calculations.
  • Automatic conversion from AWG to metric wire and square/rectangular wire to round magnet wire.
  • The user can limit redesigns to only those matching in-stock wire sizes.
  • Standard "one line formula calculations" are available from the Reference menu.
  • Help files provide context-sensitive help. Includes the full EASA AC Motor Redesign book. Spanish translation of Help reference materials is provided.
  • Built-in reference tables for chord factor, coil grouping, distribution factors, flux densities, and more.

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