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Troubleshooting tips and tutorials for AC Motor Verification & Redesign

Video tutorials

Introduction to basic software operation
This video will introduce you to the basic steps of entering your first 3-phase, AC motor redesign. It will walk you through the New Motor Wizard, entering original winding and mechanical data, as well as entering desired redesign data. This tutorial will also introduce the selection grid, the message panel with an explanation of alarms, entering multiple redesigns and generating a final redesign report.


The "selection grid"
This video will introduced you to the "selection grid" once a successful redesign calculation has been performed. It explains the information displayed, the alarms, displaying alternating circuits, and how to sort the various redesign options presented.


How to calculate a winding from a bare core
This video explains how to use the software when winding data is questionable or when no winding data is available (a bare core).


Using the integrated Motor Rewind Data database
Learn how to lookup up motor winding data and import it into the AC Motor Verification & Redesign portion of the software. Winding information in the database can be used as a starting point for making your own redesigns. 


Send motor data to EASA and other advanced features
This video goes over some of the advanced features and provides instruction and guidance on using the software to submit data electronically to EASA's motor winding database.



Frequently asked questions

Do I need an Internet connection to access the Motor Rewind Database?

This version of the EASA Motor Rewind Database software takes a large leap forward with the data that it provides members. Most notably, it now has the ability to connect to a live, ever-expanding online database of more than 250,000 windings. This live database will be continuously monitored, updated and corrected as needed by EASA’s Technical Support Staff. Using the online database guarantees you’ll have the most up-to-date information available at all times. If your computer does not have an Internet connection, the software will automatically switch to the static, local database that was included and loaded during installation. (Note: The local database does not receive updates.)

Can I import Version 2 data into Version 3?

EASA members who have been using Version 2 may have entered valuable customer information into that database. Your customer information can be imported directly into Version 3. To do this, go to TOOLS > IMPORT VERSION 2 DATA and then browse to your data file (acredsgn.mdb found in C:/Program Files/EASA AC Motor Verification and Redesign or C:/Program Files (x86)/EASA AC Motor Verification and Redesign). Your customer list will now be available in Version 3. Note: Motor redesign data is not imported but can still be accessed using Version 2.

Should I uninstall Version 2 before installing Version 3?

If you are currently using Version 2, it does not need to be uninstalled prior to installing Version 3. If you do decide to uninstall Version 2, please make a backup of your redesign database by saving a copy of acredsgn.mdb found in C:/Program Files/EASA AC Motor Verification and Redesign (or C:/Program Files (x86)/EASA AC Motor Verification and Redesign).

How do I install software updates?

Versions 3 & 4 provide an easy way to keep current with software revisions. Go to HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES. The program will access the update web site through your internet connection and download and install any current program revisions. That's all there is to it. You'll benefit from ongoing developments without having to load new software or reinstall.

Error message: Cannot open connection

After installing the software, an error message appears saying "Multiple problems have occurred" and "Cannot open connection". The software also will open, but with toolbar buttons disabled and the program is unresponsive. This problem results from the software not being able to locate the database. This can be caused by a number of things, such as the software being installed using the admin account, and later being run using a user's account. If you encounter this error, please contact Gene Vogel ( or 314-993-2220) for the procedure to correct this error.

Can the nameplate data and redesign be printed?

Versions 3 & 4 of the AC Verification and Redesign software generates a report of the original winding and nameplate data, as well as the redesigned winding data. The report command can be found in the Redesign menu (REDESIGN > REPORT) or by using the REPORT ICON. The report opens as an Adobe Reader pdf document external to the AC Verification and Redesign software and can be printed with the standard Adobe Reader print functions. Of course, any screen display can be printed with the Windows PrintScreen function. You can download Adobe Reader for free at this link: